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Chapter 676 Hallucinations

  • Han Muzi looked at Yan helplessly. Just how much does this girl like Han Qing? She wants to see him everyday?
  • When she saw Han Muzi’s bewildered expression, Yan shyly lowered her gaze and recovered her normal, cheerful self after a while before she cleared her throat.
  • “I know you must think that I’m too initiative. But… if I don’t grab this opportunity, what if Han Qing has feelings for other women? When that happens, no matter how much I want to try, I won’t have the chance anymore.”
  • Han Muzi was speechless upon hearing that.
  • “On top of that, if I don’t reinforce his memory by showing up around him everyday, your brother might just forget about my existence in a few days.”
  • “I know.” Han Muzi nodded. She suddenly smiled at Yan’s worried expression. “At most three days. After three days, I’ll let Little Bean come back to you to be your love guru.”
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