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Chapter 995 Don’t Try to Take Advantage

  • George felt threatened before Han Muzi could finish her words, and he said helplessly, “How can you treat me like this? I think you’ve misunderstood me. I’m not that kind of person!”
  • Han Muzi had not forgotten his reputation as a playboy. The first time they met was in an elevator, and this fellow almost laid his paws on her. Does he think I’ve forgotten about that?
  • “No matter what type of person you are, a rabbit would not eat the grass around its hutch. Don’t you try to have any nasty thoughts toward the people around me.”
  • George replied, “Sigh… Understood! But Muzi, what if the people around you take a liking to me? Should I reject them, or should I accept?” George showed a conflicted expression after talking.
  • Han Muzi was speechless with him and gave him a meaningful look before she got up and left. George snickered, and then his WeChat rang at this moment. He lowered his head to check his phone. Unexpectedly, it was a message from the blind date that his old man introduced to him before. Sh*t, is she for real?
  • He had already clarified with her that it was all his old man’s plan after they exchanged WeChat contacts. They would just play along and exchange WeChat contacts, but they would not interact with each other ever again. Unexpectedly, she sent him a message on WeChat. George could not afford to offend a lady like her, who came from such a family background, as she would take it seriously; he did not have that in mind yet. He set aside his phone and forgot about it after taking a look at the message and marking it as ‘seen’.
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