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Chapter 706 What’s up With Your Dark Circles?

  • Blood… Is it an ill-omen? In the past, she had only heard of things like that on television, but she thought they were baseless and nonsensical. After all, how was the mere sight of blood inauspicious?
  • However, as she was looking at that fresh trail of blood, she started to get extremely anxious. She had felt a nagging sense of unease. Although she was relatively fine that day, the broken glass and the comment from the stylist’s assistant had shaken her. She felt a knot in the pit of her stomach. This feeling…
  • When Yan walked over to look at the cut on her leg, Han Muzi suddenly went berserk and grabbed her phone to call Ye Moxuan. With her eyes twitching and heart pounding, she feared that something had happened to him.
  • “Don’t worry.” Yan comforted as she watched Han Muzi from the side. “The assistant didn’t know what she was saying. Don’t mind her.”
  • The assistant realized then that she had made a mistake. Even if it were true, she should not have said it in that situation and dampen the mood.
  • She quickly walked up to Han Muzi and admitted her wrongdoings with her head down. “I’m sorry, Miss Han. I accidentally said something I shouldn’t have. Please don’t mind me. I didn’t mean anything by what I said.”
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