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Chapter 865 Triggering His Memories

  • In the end, Han Muzi weighed her options and did not go against Ye Moxuan. I should just accept it since he is so concerned about me. Han Muzi caught up to Ye Moxuan’s stride after she accepted his offer.
  • The two of them waited at the exit. As the exit was packed with people since planes were arriving one after another, Han Muzi was slightly worried that they might not see Song An amidst the crowd. Nevertheless, she immediately spotted Song An when she arrived at the exit.
  • Song An stood out among the crowd with her height. Although she was slightly older, she looked prettier with her porcelain skin when compared to her peers. Forget about her peers, she was even prettier than women in their twenties if she were to dress herself up. Besides, elegance and temperament weren’t things that everyone possessed and she naturally had them. As a result, she would easily stand out. Hence, it was easy to spot her in the midst of people.
  • Han Muzi couldn’t help but lament in her heart. She is truly a Yuchi.
  • Song An wore a pair of sunglasses and stoically walked out into the arrival hall. Similar to Han Muzi’s reaction, she immediately caught sight of the handsome couple waiting for her at the exit. Due to their exceptionally good looks, they attracted lots of attention even though they stood at the entrance. The wind blew from another direction and Ye Moxuan, who looked like a muscular shadow, protected Han Muzi from the strong wind, making her look petite.
  • Song An was astounded when she saw her older sister’s son once again. She had a soft spot for him due to her status as a bachelorette and even treated Ye Moxuan as her own son when her sister died. She had been extremely anxious upon learning that his airplane was involved in an accident. However, there was no point in panicking either. When she heard that he was safe, she felt relieved, but he somehow assumed the identity of Yuchi Shen, which gave her mixed feelings about it. The Yuchi Family… I wouldn’t wish to return even if I am given a choice. However, I just can’t do it. What would happen to Ye Moxuan if I am to hide for the rest of my life? My late sister would never forgive me.
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