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Chapter 1066 Under 24-Hour Observation

  • Mr. Zhou was not pleased with her remarks. “Listen to yourself. I was only discharged because there is nothing wrong with me anymore. Why do I need my daughter to take care of me while I’m there? Plus, how can I not go when something this big has happened to President Ye?”
  • “Enough. It’s enough that Yan is there. You’ll just cause more trouble if you go.”
  • Mr. Zhou was speechless. He waved his hand in displeasure. He wanted to go against her, but he did not know how to deal with her either.
  • Yan, who had been listening at the side, consoled, “Mom is right, Dad. It won’t be convenient for you to go now that it’s so late. I’ll still have to find a way to send you home later. It’ll be very troublesome to go back and forth. Wait until tomorrow if you’re really worried about Young Master Ye. Rest tonight and go to the hospital tomorrow.” Without waiting for his response, Yan carried her bag and took Little Bean’s hand.
  • “Sorry for troubling you with the shop, Mom, Dad. I’ll head off to the hospital with Little Bean now.”
  • Little Bean waved at them. Yan had just walked out of the door of the shop and got ready to start the car when she saw a familiar figure in front of her. “Xiao Su? What are you doing here?” Shouldn’t he be at the hospital now?
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