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Chapter 1156 Does Your Face Still Hurt?

  • Yan rushed back to her room in a single breath. After she closed the door behind her, she leaned against it, panting heavily. She bit down on her lower lip in annoyance, then covered her face in her hands. Why did I react so agitatedly? If she had answered the questions calmly, she could have pretended that nothing happened. Rather, she had done it now. By reacting so strongly in front of Han Qing, she indicated that she was very conscious about it.
  • Sobs, what a cowardly and shameful person I am. How am I going to go downstairs later? Moreover, just what did he mean by doing what he did last night? Should I… simply act as if nothing had happened after all? As the thought crossed her mind, she praised her own wit. As long as she pretended nothing happened, they could go back to their normal state and there would not be a problem.
  • Taking a deep breath, she silently fired herself up. Then, she opened the door again. She was about to go downstairs when she saw Han Qing standing in front of her. Jumping in fright, her eyes widened in shock and her body took several steps back in reflex. “W-Why are you here?” Wasn’t he supposed to be downstairs having a discussion with Su Jiu? Why did he suddenly appear here even though not much time had passed?
  • “Are you only going to eat so little?” Han Qing couldn’t forget the thought of her eating so little while they were downstairs just now, so he asked her the question the moment he saw her. Stunned, she woodenly nodded her head. “I-I’m already full; I can’t take another bite.”
  • “Eat a bit more. I’ll send you home after that.” After staying out the whole night, her parents must be worried sick. After an incident like last night’s had occurred, I should have sent her to the hospital, then sent her home. But, she probably did not want to worry her parents, so she asked me to send her to a hotel. Even so, how could I possibly allow a young lady to stay at a hotel by herself? Besides, she was… His thoughts trailed off as his gaze landed on the injury on her face. Although he had applied medicine on the spot where she was hit yesterday, a faint shadow of it remained even after one night had passed.
  • “Does your face still hurt?” His voice subconsciously softened considerably. His hand reached out to cover the wound on her face, his thumb brushing against it lightly. Yan shuddered, and his brows furrowed in response. “Is it very painful? Let’s apply the ointment again.”
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