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Chapter 1037 You Don’t Have to Be Strong

  • Since mentioning Muzi, Yan naturally thought of her. Her eyes dimmed instantly. Forcing a smile, she said, “She’s pregnant now, but the fetus is still unstable. I don’t feel safe having her out and about. Let’s wait until she gives birth. I’ll make sure to introduce her to you then.”
  • “Sure.”
  • With that, the matter was resolved. Initially, she thought her parents would be against her opening her own restaurant. She even thought of several ways to convince them before she came. She was going to give some examples if her parents still disagreed. However, she did not expect it to go so smoothly.
  • There were many things to prepare before opening a shop. Once Yan finished discussing her plan with her parents, she started looking around at different locations nearby. But after a day or two, she was still unable to find an appropriate location.
  • Alas, Luo Huimei said to her, “I ran into a few friends at the park this morning. When I brought this up to them, they happened to have some information. They said that there was an ideal place for us at South Intersection and told us to go have a look when we have the time.”
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