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Chapter 1038 The President’s Wife

  • Little Bean had always been very mature. He did not want Han Muzi to worry about him. If it had been an ordinary child in that situation, they would have started bawling and throwing a tantrum. But, he did not do that. Moreover, he even quickly hung up when he felt like crying so as to not let Han Muzi know. He knew that Han Muzi loved him, so he had to be considerate of her as well.
  • Nonetheless, some people did not deserve his consideration. Little Bean thought for a moment. Then, he lifted his head off his knees and made a video call to Ye Moxuan on his phone.
  • At the Ye Group, Ye Moxuan had just walked into the conference room with a bleak expression on his face when his phone started ringing in his pocket. He frowned slightly as he did not put his phone on silent before he walked in. He took his phone out and was about to end the call and put his phone on silent when he saw that it was a call from his son. Little Bean? Why is this little fellow calling me now?
  • To Ye Moxuan, there was nothing more important to him than his meetings. If there was, though, it would be his woman and, of course, his son. Since Ye Moxuan was the president, no one dared to speak up when they saw him on his phone. He pursed his lips then answered the video call. “What is it?”
  • When he answered the call, he saw the little fellow’s angry and unsatisfied face on the screen. Ye Moxuan frowned. What did I do to him, for him to call me in this angry manner?
  • Little Bean did not give him any face, and just screamed, “Bad Daddy!”
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