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Chapter 1432 Don’t Look, Qing

  • He has to be alright. Not only did he promise to look after our son and I for the rest of his life, he also swore to protect us and make sure that we are safe, carefree, and cheerful. Thus, he has to be alright!
  • As Madam Han thought to herself, she tightened her arms around little Han Qing and slowly closed her eyes.
  • Finally, several firefighters rushed out of the fire with Han Qing’s father. When Madam Han saw her husband who was almost burned beyond recognition, she felt a huge lump in her throat; she could only stare at her husband helplessly with Han Qing in her arms.
  • Han Qing seemed to have sensed something. He tried to turn around and take a look, but Madam Han pressed him against her bosom with all her might.
  • “Don’t look, Qing, don’t look. Your Daddy promised us that he would be alright, so we have to wait until he’s safe and sound, okay?” said Madam Han as she patted little Han Qing on the back of his head. Then, she continued in a voice that was almost reduced to a whisper, “He’ll surely be alright.”
  • When the ambulance arrived, Han Qing’s father was placed onto a stretcher and loaded into the ambulance. Just as they were about to leave the scene, Madam Han dashed forward with little Han Qing and said, “Doctor, we’re the family of the injured.”
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