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Chapter 1158 Unfounded Accusation

  • “If you didn’t witness it yourself, how could you assume that the person that beat him up is my boyfriend?” At the mention of ‘boyfriend’, Yan glanced at Han Qing apprehensively. Although they had shared a kiss last night, they were not in that kind of relationship yet. It was better to clear the air for now. Then, she added, “Besides, I’ve said this before; I don’t have a boyfriend. I wouldn’t do something as low as to go on a blind date when I already have a boyfriend. Those words you’ve said are complete slander toward me; you’re just trying to discredit me, Mrs. Zhang.”
  • Mrs. Zhang froze in surprise; she never expected Yan to be this witty and eloquent. Then, she delightedly exclaimed, “Stop trying to deny it; Li has told me everything. He said that your boyfriend beat him up so badly he had to be hospitalized. He also mentioned how uncivilized you are to attend a blind date even though you have a boyfriend. Yan, everyone here watched you grow up—we are basically parents to you. How can you treat us like this?”
  • Honestly, Mrs. Zhang was counting on the fact that Yan—in order to protect her reputation—would not speak about last night’s incident. Besides, the information she received was that Li Sihan had tried to kiss Yan, but she refused. Thus, he slapped her for it. In her eyes, between a slap and a beating that caused him to be hospitalized, the latter bore a heavier consequence.
  • Basically parents? Yan sneered in her heart, Have these people ever fed me, or given me any money? How could she be so shameless to say that she is like a parent to me?
  • Lost in her thoughts, Han Qing, who was standing beside her, started to make a move as if he wanted to stand up for her. However, he looked over at her when she reached out and tugged at his sleeve. Signaling to him with her eyes, she indicated for him to stand down—she could handle these small matters by herself. He had already done a lot for her last night; she could not keep relying on him today as well.
  • Pursing his thin lips, he studied her confident look. It seemed like she would be able to handle this all by herself without breaking a sweat. In that case, he decided to step back and watch the young lady win her own battles.
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