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Chapter 823 Who Dares Talk Bad About You?

  • Sh*t. How can I explain this? Should she directly tell him, the man who was currently suffering from amnesia, that his grandfather might not approve of them being together and they should keep a low profile? Ye Moxuan might think she was crazy.
  • After thinking about it, she could only reply pitifully, “I’ve only joined the company for a few days and I’ve already gotten this close to you. I can imagine how others will talk about me when they see it.”
  • However, Ye Moxuan had already assumed that she did not want others to see them together. Although he was feeling a little annoyed, he did not respond after he heard those words. All the while, he still had a cold look on his face.
  • Han Muzi could only stretch her hand over and pull his sleeve. "Do you want others to gossip about me?"
  • Ye Moxuan looked at her tender, white hand while driving. That hand was so small that he could wrap it with his palm. Thinking of this, his cold heart softened a bit. The look in his eyes was not as cold as before and showed a trace of emotion.
  • There were not many people on this part of the road. He held the steering wheel with one hand and grabbed her hand with the other. Her fair, little, soft hand was wrapped in his big palm. Ye Moxuan held her hand while looking ahead. “Anyone who dares to talk bad about you would be messing with me. How many people in the whole company would dare to mess with me?
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