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Chapter 892 Lingering

  • It was getting colder and colder. When Han Muzi came out from the hospital after her checkup, she trembled after a cold breeze. Song An took off the scarf on her neck and wrapped it around Han Muzi.
  • Han Muzi immediately pushed it away. “It’s fine, Aunty. The weather is pretty cold, so you might catch a cold if you give me your scarf.”
  • Song An looked at her hopelessly and could not help scolding her, “Since you also know that a person will catch a cold in this weather, then why didn't you wear more layers? You’re already pregnant and still so careless.”
  • Han Muzi did not dare to rebut. She quietly took the scolding.
  • Song An wrapped her scarf around her while puffs of air came out from her mouth when she was talking. She looked at the buildings around and said, “The new year is around the corner. I think I’ll probably be celebrating with you here—in a foreign country.”
  • Han Muzi was stunned for a moment after hearing this. She subconsciously looked in the same direction as her. So soon? The new year… is already coming? She caressed her tummy. The baby inside her would be exactly three months old when the new year arrived.
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