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Chapter 41 I Don’t Want Your Money!

  • His voice suddenly became stern, causing Shen Qi to jump in shock. Gripping her towel, she slowly walked toward Ye Moxuan.
  • While she was still a distance away from Ye Moxuan, Shen Qi stopped.
  • She then bit her lower lip. “Do you need anything?”
  • “Help me onto the bed,” Ye Moxuan commanded in a cold voice, his eyes emotionless.
  • Shen Qi was relieved. It turned out that he only wanted her to help him onto the bed, which was not a big deal. However, there was only a towel wrapped around her, and it could easily slide down if she wasn’t careful enough. Therefore, Shen Qi could only plead, “Can I change into my clothes before helping you? I forgot to bring my clothes in just now…”
  • Ye Moxuan didn’t say anything and continued to stare at her.
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