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Chapter 848 You Really Have A Thick Skin

  • Seeing that she wasn’t willing to talk much about it, Miss Lin gave up asking her. “Since you don’t want to talk about it, then I won’t ask you anymore. But do you remember the things I told you before?”
  • Han Muzi nodded. “I do.”
  • “Do you know the Yuchi family well? Do you know what kind of a family they are? To be honest with you, Old Master Yuchi has instructed me to simply arrange a position in the company for the Young Lady of the Duanmu family. It doesn’t matter what position it is, as long as it gives her the right to stay in the company, and it needs to be close with the President’s position.” After that, Miss Lin stopped for a moment. “I assume that you’re in the office when I was talking with the President, so it’s okay that I’m telling you this now. Do you understand what I’m saying?”
  • Without waiting for her reply, Miss Lin explained again, “Old Master Yuchi really likes Duanmu Xue, and he intends to pair her with his grandson, so you…” At this point, she frowned her eyebrows and let out a sigh. “Love that is not blessed by the elders may not last long.”
  • Han Muzi knew that Miss Lin was saying to her this for her own good. Therefore, she held on to her hand and murmured, “Thank you, Miss Lin. Thank you for telling me this much, but don’t worry. I’ve thought about this long ago. I know which path I need to take, and this will be the only path that I’ll take. Even though I joined the company late and developed a relationship with him this quickly, you don’t see me as those riff-raffs; instead, you trust me. For that, I’m really grateful.”
  • After all, most people would definitely assume that she joined the company just to climb the social ladder because not long after she came in, she got together with Ye Moxuan. However, Miss Lin didn’t see her that way but was concerned for her instead.
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