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Chapter 568 Feeling Sorry

  • Han Muzi seemed to hear Ye Moxuan's voice in a daze. She reluctantly opened her eyes to look at the person, sure enough, she vaguely saw Ye Moxuan's handsome face. However, at the moment, that handsome face was full of anger and worry.
  • She looked at him with uncertainty before asking after a long while, "Ye Moxuan? W-Why are you here again? Didn't I ask you to leave?" Even Han Muzi's breath was warm when she spoke.
  • Ye Moxuan suppressed the anger within him and put his arm around her to steady her. Then, he walked in and closed the door.
  • Seeing him coming in, Han Muzi became upset. She threw a tantrum at him and pushed him. “What are you doing here? Get out!"
  • Ye Moxuan ignored her words and walked inside with his arms around her with a cold expression. Just by holding her arms like this, he could feel her body temperature was shockingly high.
  • "Get out! Get out!"
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