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Chapter 999 Intense Humiliation From Him

  • A wave of pleasure swept over Shan immediately, and she pursed her red lips as she looked at Lu Yuzhen. “Chairman Lu, you are so naughty!”
  • With that, she raised her feet arrogantly to let Xia Micheng change the shoes for her.
  • There was no expression on Xia Micheng’s face as she changed the shoes for Shan obediently. Then, she stood up and looked at Lu Yuzhen with her clear eyes before saying graciously, “Chairman Lu, I’ve changed Miss Shan’s shoes for her. Can I leave now?”
  • Seeing Xia Micheng’s nonchalance and her silent demeanor, a chill was exuded from Lu Yuzhen’s profound gaze. However, he merely commented flatly, “Your service is pretty good. Just stay by Shan’s side.”
  • Lu Yuzhen then brought Shan into the Emperor Club.
  • The manager quickly reminded Xia Micheng, “Stop staring blankly and quickly follow after them. Miss Shan is now the latest favourite of Chairman Lu, so you’ll have to serve her well. Got it?”
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