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Chapter 1311 Xia Micheng, the Peacemaker

  • She was his biological sister, after all, so it was only natural that he felt sorry for her. Lu Zhengzhe pressed his big hand on Lu Feifei’s trembling shoulders, saying, “Lu Feifei, calm down.”
  • “Zhengzhe, how do you want me to calm down? I’m your biological sister! Blood is thicker than water, you know! But you are so attracted to Liu Yingluo that you even sided with her even after my baby died. She is the worst thing that has ever happened to you!” The relationship between the siblings had undoubtedly been fractured since that time as a crack formed between them. Lu Zhengzhe pressed his thin lips together after hearing that.
  • At that moment, a clear and melodious voice suddenly rang. “Miss Feifei, what a coincidence! Why are you here?”
  • Lu Zhengzhe lifted his head and saw Xia Micheng. Lu Feifei saw Xia Micheng as well. She wore a dress with an extra layer of veil on it, looking like a water lily and merely stood there gracefully as she looked at Lu Feifei with a pair of clear eyes with a warm smile on her face.
  • Lu Feifei’s agitated emotions slowly calmed down. After wiping the tears off her face carelessly, she forced a smile. “Cheng, why are you here?” She indeed liked Xia Micheng, who walked to her and grabbed her arm affectionately. At that moment, Lu Feifei’s body was stiff and cold. However, Xia Micheng smiled as she said, “Miss Feifei, after knowing that you are here, I decided to pay you a visit. It’s been three years since we last met. It’s been so long!”
  • Lu Feifei felt the soft body temperature of Xia Micheng, who winked at her playfully, showing her incessant warmth. Hence, her stiff body slowly relaxed as she raised her hand to tidy her messy hair. In no time, she returned to her elegant and proud self of the Young Lady of the Lu Family and the strong and calm character of being a powerful dean of a school. “Cheng, it’s true that we haven’t met for a while.”
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