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Chapter 1146 Place All Her Bets on Him

  • “P-Princess, just don’t care about me anymore. You must never listen to her… You still have the plan to revive the Ancient Lanlou Kingdom, so you must look at the bigger picture. M-My death is worth nothing!” Assistant Qing uttered in a weak voice at this moment.
  • Xia Micheng looked at her. “Qing, I’ve always regarded you as my sister, so I will definitely save you. If I fail to even save my sister and my family, how will I be able to save the country?”
  • Tears flooded Assistant Qing’s eyes immediately. “Princess…”
  • “Concubine Hua.” Xia Micheng’s clear gaze fell on Concubine Hua again. “Fine. I agree with your request. But if you are smart enough, you should know that Qing is your greatest asset. You must make sure that she is absolutely safe. I don’t want to see a scratch on her.”
  • “Sure, no problem!”
  • “But…” Xia Micheng changed the topic. “Concubine Hua, aren’t you worried that Lu Yuzhen will notice if Shangguan Ruofu becomes me? Lu Yuzhen is not any ordinary man. There’s only one real Xia Micheng. A fake one can’t possibly be the same as the real deal.”
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