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Chapter 281 You’ve Put up Such a Great Show for Me

  • Xia Micheng fell into Lu Xinang’s arms with her pale face pressed to his muscular chest, and Lu Xinang froze at that instant.
  • The lady in his arms felt boneless to the touch; girls were naturally made to feel entirely different to the touch compared to men. Xia Micheng’s body felt soft as if she was made from water, a description that usually appeared in books. Lu Xinang could even smell her faint and sweet body scent, which was exactly like the scent that he smelled two years ago on the main street in Beijing when her fair fingers crossed into his long fingertips.
  • Lu Xinang lowered his handsome eyelids. Then, he slowly raised his hand and held her delicate shoulders.
  • At the same time, a person widened her eyes outside the medicine chamber; it was Xia Keke.
  • Xia Keke had come to look for Xia Micheng. She wanted to share her good news with Xia Micheng, but right after she came, she saw the scene of a man holding Xia Micheng in his arms.
  • Xia Keke quickly clapped her hand over her mouth as she quietly stepped back to the side. She knew Lu Xinang—he was the Prince Charming of Privy Research Center. Ever since she entered the research center, the female seniors mentioned his name most frequently.
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