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Chapter 904 Lu Yuzhen, Have a Happy Marriage

  • At this moment, Xia Micheng looked at Lu Yuzhen. “Young Master Lu, the reason for me coming here today is to take a gamble. I wanted to bring you home, but you made me lose this bet. Well, it’s fine now. Since I’m willing to bet on you, I’m also willing to concede defeat. I hope you have a happy marriage. Oh, by the way, I was in a rush on the way here, so I did not prepare any wedding gifts for you. Maybe I should give you something that I already have.”
  • Lu Yuzhen’s profound gaze suddenly narrowed on her as he had already guessed what she wanted to do.
  • Indeed Xia Micheng raised her head and clutched the Only-Love necklace. When her fair hands touched the one-love ring, she tightened her grip on it and applied a sudden force before tearing the necklace from her neck. The glimmering diamond swiftly tore open a wound on her soft neck and blood oozed from it.
  • It was the one-love ring!
  • Everyone, as well as Li Yuntong, immediately lit up their eyes upon seeing that. Li Yuntong quickly stretched her hand out. “Xia Micheng, the one-love ring belongs to me from the beginning. Give it to me!”
  • Xia Micheng looked at Li Yuntong with the ring in her hands. “Well, if you want it, you have to come and get it yourself.”
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