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Chapter 106 Give Her A Slap

  • Xia Keke stiffened upon hearing Xia Micheng’s words.
  • Ye Yuan smiled mockingly and said, “Don’t be so cocky now, my sisters. I think the both of you better look after your men carefully!”
  • It was a known fact that women were scared of their ages being revealed. Indeed, the 23-year-old Xia Keke and Huo Qing were ‘elder sisters’ of Xia Micheng and Ye Yuan, who were both 20-year-olds.
  • These two young girls would be able to seduce any men that walked past them.
  • Looking like a cat being stepped on its tail, Huo Qing itched to give Ye Yuan’s beautiful and delicate face a few scratches.
  • She hated Ye Yuan the most.
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