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Chapter 1570 The Woman of Lanlou

  • Liu Yingluo marched to the front of those girls. “You all better stop with your nonsense. Lu Zhengzhe does not fancy men. He has a normal sexual orientation and he likes women!”
  • “Hmph! What does it have to do with you even if we are discussing Lu Zhengzhe? Who are you to care about us?”
  • Liu Yingluo answered, “You shouldn’t gossip about Lu Zhengzhe. I am determined to be involved now because I am his future Mrs. Lu!”
  • ...
  • The Mermaid Clan was scared witless upon witnessing this scene. “Run! Quickly run!”
  • Everyone abandoned their helmets and armors while trying to escape in the opposite direction. The Mermaid Clan’s Princess was in shock and she panicked immediately when she saw her own subordinates abandon the war without even putting up a fight. She screamed at the top of her lungs, “You guys better stop right there! You are not allowed to run away! No one is allowed to escape! You can’t be deserters!”
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