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Chapter 1722 White Swan and Ugly Duckling

  • Director Wang was an art-loving maniac. All of those female celebrities that had starred in his movies were crowned ‘Wang’s girls’. However, Ye Yuan was the only one whom he complimented as perfect.
  • Chen Yuanyuan gritted her teeth in anger. To be honest, people with stunning looks like Ye Yuan were usually labeled as ‘airheads’ in the entertainment industry.
  • There were many female celebrities like this. Although they looked stunning, they couldn’t act.
  • However, Ye Yuan was an outlier.
  • Ever since Ye Yuan debuted, she had put a lot of time into refining her acting skills. Moreover, she was a talented performer. All of the projects that she was involved in these recent years went viral, pushing her to the peak of her popularity.
  • When Ye Yuan was cast as Blissful Life’s female lead, many looked down upon her. They felt like she wouldn’t be able to handle this character’s complicated human aspect. Hence, a few of the larger players in the industry invested in many shady articles of Ye Yuan. Reporters were all onto Ye Yuan, and many were waiting for her to slip up. Any normal human would have already had a mental breakdown under such huge pressure.
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