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Chapter 850 Micheng, I’ve Missed You

  • Xia Micheng’s delicate eyebrows trembled in panic. In the moment, her red lips touched something soft and it turned out that he kissed her. Lu Yuzhen did pushups up and down. When he got up, his lips left her red lips and when he went down, he kissed her.
  • Xia Micheng’s mind was blown away by this as she finally knew why they needed a man and a woman for a one-handed pushup. So, this is the reason. Her exquisite art-like eyebrows were filled with joy when he pecked her twice. She then giggled and raised her hand to cover her red lips, preventing him from kissing her anymore.
  • Lu Yuzhen stopped the pushup and held her gorgeous face with both his hands. “What’s wrong with it? I was able to do it a few hundred times when you weren’t here and I’ve always wanted to train with you, but now that you’re here, I can only do it ten times before falling on you.” He laughed in a hoarse voice.
  • Xia Micheng felt a fruit bearing in her ears. If he continued like this, she might not be able to resist falling for him, but she hadn’t decided whether she wanted to be with him or not. Xia Micheng, wake up now! Don’t be seduced by this man’s superb virility!
  • “Can you let me go now? You’ve done your one-handed pushup. I want to go downstairs.”
  • Lu Yuzhen’s neat short hair was almost dry while his mild bangs blocked those narrow dark eyes of his. Just this change of hairstyle had added more youth to himself as he looked like a… puppy clinging on to its little girlfriend. A puppy. If I were to use an animal to describe Lu Yuzhen, that would be a puppy!
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