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Chapter 627 Fan Qi Got Into the Academy of Sciences

  • What? Xia Micheng was dumbfounded. I was just about to investigate Fan Qi, and her information appeared under my pillow! How could this be?
  • “Daddy Xia, who sent this?” Xia Micheng asked.
  • Ever since Xia Micheng got involved in the accident, Xia Gu and Lan Feng had become extra vigilant. There were bodyguards stationed outside the ward 24/7, and Xia Gu and Lan Feng had been staying by Xia Micheng’s side all the time. The only time Xia Micheng was left alone in the ward was yesterday when Lan Feng went home for about one hour to bring over some clothes, and Xia Gu had gone to the bathroom for a while. When he came back from the bathroom, the sealed file was placed under Xia Micheng’s pillow. It was indeed strange.
  • “Cheng, not many people can do such a thing without being caught under my watch. I’ve checked all the surveillance cameras in the hospital but I couldn’t find anything. I have no idea who placed that file under your pillow. However, we know that this person is very powerful,” Xia Gu said solemnly.
  • Xia Micheng suddenly thought of a person—Su Ju!
  • When she was in Haicheng City, she felt that Su Ju was not the same guy she had known before. He had become very mysterious as if there was a powerful strength hidden in him.
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