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Chapter 392 Making Out

  • Huo Zhixun couldn’t help but think that his Bro was truly different from others. Other people would always call ladies over to keep them company when they came to a bar for drinks, yet Lu Yuzhen behaved as if these ladies would taint him. No ladies could dream of making money from him no matter how beautiful they were.
  • But Huo Zhixun dared not make Lu Yuzhen angry, so he left the room swiftly.
  • Lu Yuzhen then drank another few bottles of wine. He got a little tipsy from the drinking, causing his normally deep-looking eyes to turn unfocused.
  • Just then, the door of the luxurious private booth was opened and a figure walked inside; it was Xia Keke.
  • Xia Keke had been keeping a low profile these days since she had suffered a terrible loss previously. However, she must be plotting something big under her low-profile guise.
  • She walked inside and came up next to Lu Yuzhen. Then, she called him softly, “Chairman Lu… Chairman Lu…”
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