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Chapter 1287 Concubine Hua’s Hiding Spot

  • The assassin rushed over to hug Shangguan Ruofu. “Ruofu, what happened to you? Did you forget our grand plan? You told me to get plastic surgery to look like Lu Yuzhen in order to conspire against him. We’ve had it all planned out.”
  • After his speech, the assassin cradled Shangguan Ruofu’s face tenderly with love. “Ruofu, we were happy last night, weren’t we? You are my woman!”
  • The crowd went insane when they heard that, and there was an audible sharp intake of breath.
  • Oh, my God! I can’t believe how evil Shangguan Ruofu is! She found a partner to plan all this to conspire against Lu Yuzhen!”
  • “Shangguan Ruofu is ridiculous. She claimed to have slept with Chairman Lu just now, but in reality, she slept with an assassin who’s undergone plastic surgery.”
  • “Shangguan Ruofu is hopeless, and it’s most probably due to the lousy genes from her evil family.”
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