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Chapter 695 Why Is He Acting Like He Was Wronged?

  • Sh*t, he caught me red-handed! What lies should I tell him?
  • Quick-witted as she was, Xia Micheng quickly racked her brain for an excuse. “You’re overthinking things… This is merely a misunderstanding. I left something in Director Ye’s office, so I came in to take my stuff back.”
  • Lu Yuzhen knew she was lying to him again when he saw her eyes rolling about. This little liar lies to me all the time!
  • He let out a cold snort and tried to drag her out of the room while grabbing her slim wrist. “Alright then. I’ll take you to see Ye Zi right now. Since you left your stuff at her place, isn’t it much better to ask her face-to-face?”
  • Xia Micheng was speechless. He wanted to take her to see Ye Zi!
  • She quickly shook her head while clinging onto the door with all her might, refusing to leave. Staring at him pitifully, she said, “Chairman Lu… Mr. Chairman Lu, do you have to be difficult with me? I didn’t enter your office. Can’t you turn a blind eye?”
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