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Chapter 671 Codename X

  • Li Yuntong clenched her fists angrily. Xia Micheng must have fed some sort of magical potion to Lu Xinang to make him so protective over her.
  • Fan Qi, too, heard about what had happened during Xia Gu’s 50th birthday celebration last night. The four most influential families of Beijing were all in favor of Xia Micheng. This had helped her to escape from the negative rumors that surrounded her. She had also obtained her role as the fiancée of the cool and charismatic Lu Xinang so effortlessly, which made Fan Qi feel even more uneasy.
  • Just then, someone shouted, “Stop drooling. Old Master Ye is coming!”
  • Everyone quickly shifted their starstruck eyes away from the direction where Lu Xinang had just left and turned their gazes instead to the Dean of the Academy of Sciences, Old Master Ye, who was walking toward them.
  • “Old Master Ye!” Everyone greeted him politely.
  • Old Master Ye was dressed in a Chinese tunic suit and appeared to be in high spirits. His eyes twinkled as he walked toward them and glanced affectionately at his granddaughter, Li Yuntong. “Welcome, Yuntong! You will officially be part of the academy from today onward.”
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