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Chapter 777 Old Master Ye, What Is Your Opinion

  • Ye Zi gritted her teeth and looked at Li Yuntong. “Yuntong, what Mengxiao has suggested is really great. It’s better for you to just bear with the pain and cut your wrist.”
  • Li Yuntong recoiled in horror upon seeing the sharp knife. “Mommy, I’m afraid of pain. I’m really afraid of pain."
  • Ye Zi held Li Yuntong’s shoulders and shook her forcefully. “Yuntong, just think about Lu Yuzhen. Are you just going to send him away to Xia Micheng? Will you feel great when you see Xia Micheng becoming Mrs. Lu? As long as you give your wrist a small cut, Lu Yuzhen will belong to you!”
  • At this moment, Li Yuntong was already as white as a sheet when she turned her gaze from Ye Zi to Ye Mengxiao, Old Master Ye, and Ye Youxuan. They were all looking at her and were seemingly having the same thought. Yuntong, hurry up and cut your wrist!
  • Feeling like crying, Li Yuntong’s legs went weak and she slumped onto the floor.
  • At night, Li Yuntong was rushed to the hospital. She seemingly had made a trip around Beijing as she was transported from the southern part of the city to the north in the ambulance.
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