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Chapter 938 I’ll Try to Control Myself

  • As if she got an electric shock, Xia Micheng immediately retracted her hand.
  • Lu Yuzhen shut his eyes, and his lips left hers. Burrowing his head in her long hair, he took a deep breath. “Cheng, you shouldn’t hesitate. Your hesitation will give me a reason to demand for more.”
  • She did not move a muscle, passively allowing him to pin her down while staring at the glistening crystal chandelier above her in a trance.
  • The next instant, he opened his eyes, supported himself on the bed with his large palm, and quickly got on his feet. His voice was utterly hoarse. “Go to sleep. I’ll go and take a shower.”
  • With that, he made his way to the bathroom, undoing the buttons on his shirt with his slender fingers as he walked.
  • Two buttons were undone, revealing his exquisite masculine clavicle, and his bulged Adam’s apple moved up and down, which showed the discomfort he was enduring.
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