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Chapter 678 A Jealous Husband

  • Lu Yuzhen’s dark eyes narrowed as he stared at Lu Xinang's handsome face. With a purse of his thin lips, he said, “I’ve come to pick up Yuntong.”
  • Lu Xinang nodded as if he understood. But as he glanced toward the door that was almost crumbling, he asked in a clear voice, “Yuzhen, you should've gone next door if you’re here to pick up Yuntong. Why are you kicking the door here?
  • Lu Yuzhen sneered as his lips curved into an arc, before saying in an angry voice, “I loathed the door so I just wanted to kick it.”
  • Xia Micheng thought Lu Yuzhen was becoming crazier. It is about time he should look at himself in the mirror. He is making himself look like a jealous husband now.
  • At that moment, Li Yuntong came running over when she heard the noise. Surprised, she asked, “Yuzhen, why are you here? Are you here to pick me up from work?”
  • Lu Yuzhen shifted his gaze and glanced at Li Yuntong calmly. “Yes, I am picking you up from work. Let’s go.”
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