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Chapter 1262 Lu Chikai Was Kidnapped

  • Xia Micheng had no choice but to nod. “Alright.”
  • The family of four had their breakfast together. Xia Micheng didn’t have an appetite as she was worried for Lu Chikai, and she wished she could have a pair of wings so that she could fly to his side.
  • Upon seeing her feeling anxious and worried, Lu Yuzhen’s stone heart slowly softened. The woman, who was once a young lady, had now become the mother of his children, and in the future, they would face all kinds of children-related matters together. Holding each other’s hand, they would grow old together.
  • “I’m going up to fetch a document. Wait for me here,” Lu Yuzhen instructed.
  • Xia Micheng nodded. “Hurry up, then.”
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