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Chapter 1694 That Bed Belongs to Me

  • Qian has entered Li Zhanming’s room with him just now. He’s a normal man, so when he’s faced with E-cup bosoms, a pretty face, and a youthful body, won’t he be unable to control himself? When Qian talks to him in such a coquettish manner, will he do something indecent to her?
  • Lin Hurou felt rather worried and exasperated. She could not stop herself from rushing out of her room. I’m going to find Li Zhanming!
  • She had just opened her bedroom door when someone appeared before her. It was Qian.
  • “Lin Hurou, this is what Sir ordered me to bring to you.” Qian stuffed something into Lin Hurou’s hands.
  • The latter lowered her gaze and saw two pieces of flimsy lingerie. They were made from lace and looked very sexual in nature. These are definitely some adult products!
  • Lin Hurou was shocked. She stared at Qian and asked, “This is what Li Zhanming told you to bring to me?”
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