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Chapter 240 Xia Keke Kneeled

  • Xia Keke took a look at Xia Micheng, who was standing a little further ahead. Following that, a pitiful expression rose on her face. “Micheng, it’s all my fault; let me apologize to you. Can you forgive me this once? Please take it out on me; don’t involve my family and friends—don’t lay a finger on them, okay?”
  • Xia Micheng hadn’t imagined that Xia Keke would look this pale and pitiable when she showed her face again. “Xia Keke, is that why you’re hurting yourself? To gain pity points with others and paint yourself as an innocent victim?”
  • Xia Keke took a few steps forward. With a flutter of her eyelashes, tears began to roll down her cheeks. “Micheng, I really… I really don’t know what I did wrong. Can you please tell me what went wrong? Mr. Lu and I go all the way back; as everyone knows, Mr. Lu once invested 12 billion into Xia Medical and helped it to weather through stormy times. He’s handsome, wealthy, and absolutely stunning. I have to admit that I admired him, but both of us never went over that line. I’ve known to treasure myself because of how I was raised. We’ve never even so much as held hands, so I didn’t think that liking him would end up being a sin. And now, everyone online… your fans…. they are laughing at me and mocking me for thinking too highly of myself. Everyone knows that I wasn’t aware that you married Lu Yuzhen in my place, but… but I really didn’t know. However, you did. Micheng, why didn’t you tell me beforehand that you were his wife? I would have perished that thought. Dad organized that birthday party for us, and everyone knows how much of a fiasco it was. You stood in a corner and allowed me to continue to have my girlish dreams and laughed at me heartlessly for being a fool in love. And then… and then you just dealt such a fatal blow to me. The whole display of affection left me in such an awkward position. Do you… do you really hate me that much?”
  • As Xia Keke spoke, tears rolled down her face, and she repeatedly choked and sobbed over her words. Her face was already drenched with tears; even her shoulders were shaking. Her pitiful appearance immediately drew the crowd’s sympathy.
  • The crowd began to whisper after hanging back to watch the show.
  • “Actually, Xia Keke is such a pitiful soul.”
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