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Chapter 48 Take Off Your Veil

  • Xia Micheng held the glass of wine to his lips.
  • Holding her slim waist in his arms, Lu Yuzhen slowly sipped on the red wine she fed to him.
  • As he fixed his gaze on her while doing so, Xia Micheng couldn’t help but blush even more under his watchful look; she felt as if she had done something scandalous with him.
  • Just then, Huo Zhixun said with a clap, “Alright, Lu Yuzhen has drunk the glass of wine, but what about the 30 million?”
  • Everyone else chimed in as Huo Zhixun took the lead to tease the both of them.
  • That’s right, little beauty. 30 million isn’t a small amount. Why don’t you let Director Lu pay it off for you? However, you must have something to trade with him, little beauty. Although he can easily spend more than 30 million without much thought, he can’t spend the money for nothing.
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