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Chapter 700 Why Aren’t You Banging Your Head on the Wall?

  • Everyone on the scene gasped audibly before the reporters turned their camera toward Ye Zi’s face and began photographing her.
  • Ye Zi was so furious that she nearly spat out blood, for she had experienced Xia Micheng’s skills with her words once again. By staring at her pitifully with fear written all over her face, Xia Micheng was playing dumb to take advantage of her. Ye Zi immediately walked up to Xia Micheng to grab her, saying, “Xia Micheng, let us make things clear…”
  • Before Ye Zi could even touch Xia Micheng, the latter suddenly let out a scream. “Aaaah! Let go of me! Please don’t hurt me! I’m sorry, it’s all my fault! I’ll confess to it all! I’ll confess to everything!”
  • Xia Micheng jumped like a frightened little bird as though Ye Zi had given her a hard pinch, but Ye Zi felt that she had done nothing wrong, since she really did not lay a hand on Xia Micheng.
  • Just then, the agitated reporters handed their microphones over together.
  • “Director Ye, did you threaten Xia Micheng?”
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