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Chapter 1159 Another Little Young Master

  • “Ah. General secretary, don’t hang up. Please don’t hang up!” the receptionist screamed.
  • The sudden noise attracted Lu Zhengzhe’s attention, so he lifted his eyes to have a look at the general secretary, who then calmly turned on the telephone loudspeaker on his desk. The general secretary said to her again, “Please find out who that person is.”
  • “General secretary, he is a three-year-old boy.” The receptionist was on the verge of tears. “I saw that he looks cute so...”
  • Due to the loudspeaker being on, Lu Zhengzhe heard everything clearly with his ears. After that, he quickly paused his movement while holding his pen with his right hand. As something flashed through his profound eyes, he got up and exited the office.
  • The general secretary quickly put down the phone and chased after Lu Zhengzhe. Who is it downstairs? A three-year-old boy is able to command the boss to go down personally and welcome him? This is incredible. When Lu Zhengzhe brought the general secretary to the lobby downstairs, he saw from afar that Tiao sat on a couch reading a newspaper.
  • As soon as Tiao heard the sound of footsteps, he raised his sculpture-like face. After seeing Lu Zhengzhe, Tiao put down the newspaper in his hands and stood up before greeting politely, “Hello, Grandpa Lu. I’m Tiao. This is the first time that we meet. Nice to meet you.”
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