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Chapter 261 Why Your Aunt Dislikes You

  • His passionate gaze made Xia Micheng’s heart skip a beat and her long eyelashes quivered. She boldly held out her delicate hand and grabbed his long index finger…
  • The scene was reminiscent of Lu Yuzhen’s childhood; it brought everything back to twenty years ago when Lu Yuzhen first met Xia Micheng. She was still a soft little toddler back then. The two legendary women, Lin Hurou and Liu Yingluo, were standing beside Xia Micheng in the baby room. Lin Hurou looked bright, energetic and pristine. Her cheerful words—though no one was sure what she said—gradually lightened up the mood of Liu Yingluo, who had a sorrowful look on her gorgeous face.
  • Lu Yuzhen stood beside the cradle. Liu Yingluo paced toward him and gently caressed his head. “Yuzhen, she will be your little bride in the future. Will you like that?”
  • Xia Micheng in the cradle opened her large, bright eyes and looked at him. Her tiny hands moved frantically around and grasped his long index finger. She held onto his finger tightly without any intention of letting it go.
  • Xia Micheng beamed with her mouth wide open, showing her toothless mouth. Suddenly, Lu Yuzhen blushed; he turned and went back to his room.
  • As he left, he heard Lin Hurou talk to Xia Micheng in the cradle with her melodious voice. “Ahem, behave yourself. You frightened the little boy away.”
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