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Chapter 626 Investigate Fan Qi

  • Xia Micheng tried to sit up, so Lan Feng quickly helped her up and put a pillow at her back. “Cheng, how do you feel? Are you in pain?”
  • Xia Micheng scratched her head. “Daddy Xia, Mommy Lan, I’m fine. I just feel a little pain in my head.”
  • Xia Gu slammed the table angrily. “Cheng, don’t worry. I’ve settled those men in black. How dare they target you?! I’ll definitely make them suffer!”
  • All her memories flowed back into her mind at once. As soon as Xia Micheng thought of those wretched and disgusting men, her face immediately turned pale.
  • Was I?
  • Noticing the change on Xia Micheng’s face, Lan Feng guessed what was on her mind and quickly held her chilly little hands. “Cheng, don’t worry. Those men didn’t do anything to you. You’re safe!”
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