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Chapter 1040 He Was Bitten by a Naughty Dog

  • However, she didn’t dare to refuse him because if she angered him, he would bring Lu Chikai away from her.
  • Xia Micheng furrowed her dashing brows as she endured his kiss. This time, he didn’t violently devour her, but the kiss still wasn’t gentle. It was like a raging storm cleansing her mouth while it trampled her soft lips.
  • “Lu Yuzhen, enough… Kai and Auntie Zhao will be coming here soon…” She pressed her little hands against his strong chest as she started to struggle with her tiny strength.
  • As he felt the coquetry in her sweet voice, he sensed a bit of reluctance in her. For these years, he had been searching for other women who were similar to her. Those women had sweet coquetry in their voices, but it just wasn’t as delicate as hers. He only felt annoyed by their intentional squeamish sounds.
  • She was the only one who emitted a dew-like softness along with her sweet fragrant smell; she was utterly flawless.
  • Just when Lu Yuzhen hugged and kissed her, he placed his huge hands on her fine waist, and they roamed over her. Then, he frowned his eyebrows and spoke in a husky voice, “Did you do this on purpose?”
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