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Chapter 981 Micheng, Welcome Home

  • “Ancient Lanlou Kingdom?” Xia Micheng’s pupils suddenly shrank as she repeated the name unconsciously. She once read about the Ancient Lanlou Kingdom in an ancient book. It was a mysterious kingdom, but for some reason, it disappeared completely. The ancient book didn’t indicate the reason, so she didn’t know about it. However, she would never expect herself to come from the Ancient Lanlou Kingdom.
  • “Cheng, you’re right. The Ancient Lanlou Kingdom is your home. At there, we have the most profound and sophisticated Chinese medical skills, especially in acupuncture. The place is truly a haven. Your mother is the current queen of the Ancient Lanlou Kingdom,” Su Ju explained.
  • “What?” Xia Micheng blinked her brows. “If my mother is the queen, then am I the… princess?”
  • Su Ju quirked up his lips. “No, Cheng. The moment you get back home, you will be the new queen.”
  • She was rendered speechless as she wasn’t prepared for this at all, so she unconsciously took a cold deep breath. However, she quickly calmed herself down. “Ju, I think we should find my mommy’s second treasure chest first.”
  • “Alright.”
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