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Chapter 203 The Keycard Is in My Pocket

  • Ye Yuan raised her head to find Gu Longfan’s attractive face just a few inches away from hers. In fact, she had no idea when he came and stood beside her. Currently, he was looking down at her with one of his hands in his pocket.
  • The two businessmen smiled as they said, “Young Master Gu, you arrived! It’s true then—you can find Young Master Gu whenever Ye Yuan is around. We were just talking about you paying for Ye Yuan’s bill if she loses the game.”
  • Gu Longfan pulled his hand out of his pocket and propped it on the chair behind Ye Yuan’s back, then gazed at Ye Yuan tenderly. “Just play if you want to; the bill is on me.”
  • Ye Yuan blinked her bright eyes and said, “Longfan, since I make my own money now, I can pay for the bill myself. I think you should settle your future wife’s bill instead. After all, I am an outsider. What’s more, I’m sure I can find the right person who will pay for my bill in the future.”
  • Gu Longfan’s clear, dark eyes became colder when he heard Ye Yuan’s words.
  • “Haha! Young Master Gu, Ye Yuan is drawing a line between you and her.”
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