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Chapter 684 She’s Too Scary!

  • Fan Qi knew then that this was Xia Micheng’s tactic. Xia Micheng had managed to lure her over, then slowly stripped off her cloak of shame, layer by layer. In the end, it resulted in her standing there being reprimanded by Mrs. Qiu.
  • In fact, after working with Xia Micheng for a period of time, Fan Qi knew what her tactics were like, so that was the reason she felt on edge these few days.
  • Xia Micheng looked at Fan Qi whose face had gone white. Her red lips curved upward as she said, “Madam, last night when Master Qiu took me to your place, I got to enjoy a full table of dishes personally prepared by you. Your cooking skills are really improving. If this continues, I might just keep on going to your house for food.”
  • Mrs. Qiu and Xia Micheng were chatting back and forth and they seemed to really get on. “Cheng, you can visit as much as you want. I am only afraid that you won’t want to come. I was supposed to be on duty. But when I heard from my husband that you were coming, I hurried back home.”
  • Both of Fan Qi’s ears were buzzing when she heard Xia Micheng addressing Mrs. Qiu as... Madam?
  • The other day when Old Master Ye asked about Xia Micheng’s relationship with Fellow Qiu, Xia Micheng had mentioned that Fellow Qiu was her mentor and that she was his student.
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