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Chapter 355 Hugging Him From Behind

  • Xia Micheng was startled for a while after being questioned like this.
  • It was at that moment when Dean Li Wenqing spoke through the phone, “Cheng? Cheng, are you listening?”
  • “I’m listening, Dean Li. It’s just that… do we have to go to a hotel to discuss the surgical plans?” Xia Micheng asked.
  • “Yes, we usually conduct discussions on surgical plans for major surgeries in a hotel business suite. Cheng, get over here quickly. We’re waiting for you at the Saint Paul Hotel.” Dean Li sent her the address before he hung up the call.
  • Xia Micheng kept her phone as she looked toward Lu Yuzhen, who was standing by the door. “Would you prefer me not to go?”
  • Lu Yuzhen’s eyes darkened, making people unable to see through his thoughts. He shook his head when he saw her bright eyes glancing at him. “No, I know that this surgery is very important to you. Moreover, you’re a doctor; people need you. Go ahead.”
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