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Chapter 1339 Xia Micheng Popped up Again

  • Gradually, Liu Zhaodi calmed herself down because she also thought about her son, Lu Xinang. Three years ago, Xia Micheng had sent him far away, despite being poisoned herself, so that he could detach himself from the troubles in Beijing. And now, he was a refined man. Gaining a spot as one of the top ten surgeons in the world, he took over the Academy of Sciences and became an academician, Professor Lu, at the age of twenty-seven, shocking the medical world.
  • Straightening her back, she knew that her son was the strongest support she could rely on. With Xinang around, she never had to be afraid.
  • It was also a good thing that Lu Feifei had found out about it, and she wasn’t worried at all as she knew how close she was to her son.
  • “Feifei, all I want to say is, I’m doing all this for Zhengzhe because I truly love him. But now that Liu Yingluo is back, we have to think of a way to stop her. Our aim is the same, Feifei.” She steered the conversation back, still attempting to make use of her.
  • Lu Feifei was silent as she knitted her brows, which made Liu Zhaodi more confused. “What’s with you, Feifei? Don’t you hate Liu Yingluo anymore?”
  • Nobody could forget about her hatred for Liu Yingluo. The last time, she had driven straight to Lu Zhengzhe and had a big fight with him. But now, just after a couple of days, her attitude had shifted completely.
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