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Chapter 578 A Beautiful Lady for Auction

  • “What note?”
  • “There’s nothing on the note except for an address.”
  • “Send me the address.”
  • “Alright. What should we do now, Micheng? Do I lodge a police report? Chairman Gu is overseas in Europe now, and he has not gotten back yet. You also know that Ye Yuan couldn’t fall prey to any men because they would devour her!”
  • Xia Micheng’s grip on her phone tightened as she forced herself to calm down. She analyzed the situation swiftly. This was only Liu Zhaodi’s warning, so she probably wouldn’t do anything to Ye Yuan for now.
  • However, Ye Yuan was a beautiful woman. The only reason she hadn’t been attracting people’s attraction was that she had been under Gu Longfan’s protection. Now that she got out of his care, things might spiral out of control.
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