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Chapter 1677 The Punishment

  • Lin Hurou wouldn’t talk about her past victories. In fact, she had always suspected that Li Zhanming was in love with her, but she just didn’t have the evidence. At that moment, she seemed to finally catch him red-handed. Looking at his livid expression, she said firmly, “President Li, you really like me!”
  • Li Zhanming stared at her. Since she knew that he was in love with her, her gaze beamed with astuteness, and her expression was filled with pride. Pressing his lips together, he snarled, “Get down from my lap!”
  • Shocked by his fierceness, Lin Hurou hurriedly got up.
  • Shooting her a glance, Li Zhanming stormed out of the luxurious room and disappeared from her sight.
  • ...
  • Lin Hurou brought the intoxicated Deng Xiang back to the presidential suite. As soon as they entered the room, she demanded, “Kneel!”
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