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Chapter 1381 Miserable Show

  • Lu Yuzhen remained silent.
  • “Shen Xiaolian’s parents are here too. They came to ask her for money, and I even heard that they wanted to bring her back to Wu Hao. She refused to listen to them, so she ran to the rooftop on the ninth floor and wanted to jump down from there. Young Master, should you come here and have a look?” Chong Wen asked.
  • Lu Yuzhen remained quiet for a few seconds. “I see. I’ll be there later.”
  • He then ended the call.
  • In the meantime, Xia Micheng had already gotten up and gone into the bathroom. After following her inside, she gave him a toothbrush with toothpaste on top. “Mr. Lu, hurry up and brush your teeth. If you’re late, Lian may actually jump down from there.”
  • Lu Yuzhen took the toothbrush and spoke faintly, “Don’t worry. She won’t jump if I’m not there.”
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