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Chapter 401 Ashamed

  • Li Qianhui was ferocious. Kong Peixian was unprepared when she was dragged to the cloister. Soon enough, many people gathered at the place to witness the show.
  • All of them pointed at and gossiped about Kong Peixian, who was barely clothed. Her naked body was taken in by those ill-intentioned and obscene eyes. After all, she was just a twenty-year-old lady. She screamed hysterically, “Let go of me! Let go of me now! Xia Chunyang, help me! Help!”
  • She could only beg for Xia Chunyang’s help now.
  • Upon hearing Kong Peixian’s scream for help, Xia Chunyang hurriedly pulled up his pants. In his eyes, his fragile and dependent lover was being bullied by a malicious old woman. He rushed over and pulled Li Qianhui away. “Li Qianhui, are you out of your mind? Let go of her! You shrew!” Xia Chunyang then reached out and hugged Kong Peixian in his arms.
  • After being called a shrew, Li Qianhui got even angrier. She pointed at her husband and snarled, “Xia Chunyang, don’t you think you have done something wrong? While you’re crazy over this mistress, have you thought about the fact that she’s your daughter’s classmate? Have you thought about that when you were having fun with her in bed? Don’t you think you should be loyal to me?” With that, Li Qianhui charged forward and grabbed Kong Peixian’s hair before giving her two more slaps. “B*tch, let me teach you a lesson!”
  • Xia Chunyang’s expression sank as he cared about his reputation the most. Being surrounded by so many people, some of whom were even taking photos, he felt that his reputation was ruined.
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